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Bloob.ioDecember 2019Web DeveloperBack-end DeveloperUI/UX Designer
A collection of multiplayer browser-based games without the need to make an account. Play hassle free and customise the experience to your liking.
The SurvivorsSeptember 2017UI/UX DesignerCommunity ManagerGame Designer
The Survivors is an Arctic Western Battle Royale where you and 99 other gold hunters fight for a claim in the gold rush. Scavenge for equipment in the rough, unforgiving Silverspring County.
Message CapsuleApril 2018Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
Create your own themed countdown, after which your hidden message becomes public. Making a secure, timed prediction has never been so easy!
lilxdAugust 2019Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
Dumping random drawings, comics, interactive content, and whatever on sequential pages.
The Key TaxMarch 2017Scrum MasterQA
The Key Tax is a humorous First-Person puzzle game that satires on the non-sense of everyday bureaucracy. Set in a late 1960's office environment, the game offers a seamless narrative experience of which absurdity and surrealist humour are its strong points.
Game PickerJanuary 2017Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
The Game Picker helps you decide what game you should play. Either add entries yourself or fetch your entire Steam library. Select games to choose from by drag and dropping it!
Ophion Staff PanelFebruary 2017Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
The staff panel is a multi-functional site which allows others to access certain files and features to help manage a server.
Get a LifeJune 2017Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
If you were to be born today, where would that be? This project was set in motion to answer that question. Create a new life with a simple mouse click, share it with others, or even go as far as naming your newborn.
WordifyDecember 2016Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
Wordify turns a piece of text or a quote into a shareable piece of art. Based on what you fill in the background colour, text colour, and font are calculated. This then updates the URL, giving you the power to share your creation!
The End of the WorldAugust 2015Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
The End of the World generates different ways the world will end on the press of a button, including a shareable URL and relative dates.
Magic CodeFebruary 2016Web DeveloperUI/UX Designer
The Magic Code site is a bit ambiguous on purpose. See what happens when you fill in the correct code, which can be found hidden as easter eggs across the site.
About me
My name is I'm Tristan and I'm from the Netherlands. My early hobby managing gaming servers and communities sparked my passion for creating games, sites, and other types of digital content. I then went on to earn a BSc in Creative Media and Game Technologies at Breda University. I have been working at Spectral as a front-end developer since 2019.
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