A screenshot of the site is seen which reads 'Portfolio Example' signed off by 'Tristan Volk', styled in green and a curvy font.
The text can be changed to anything by anyone and shared.
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Started ProductionDecember 2016
Duration1 week
RolesWeb Developer, UI/UX Designer
This site uses whatever text you give it and calculates a number based on that. Each character you fill in carries a value which is then added up and used to determine what font and colours it will display. This means that if you fill in the same piece of text the site will look exactly the same. Changing even one character could result in the entire site looking different.

It is an easy way to display a short piece of text or quote on the entire screen, which can then be shared. The fun kicks in when you try to rephrase what you are trying to say in different ways, just so you can get the visuals to be more appealing.

Wouldn't it be easier to be able to change the font and colours yourself? Eh, while very possible it doesn't have the same appeal to it for me. The magic to me comes from it automatically calculating what the site's properties should be based on your input, turning it into something unexpected.
Video Demonstration
Origin Story
The thought of using characters with values was something that kept roaming around in my mind, which eventually led to this project. The idea that even if you already knew the input, the output could still be random was a strange yet compelling thought to me.

Yes, I called it random. Technically it is not random, as the same input will lead to the same end result. You could also predict the outcome by using the source and doing the math in advance, as that is all it is in the end. Even though it technically is not random, it can be perceived that way by a complete stranger.

I didn't really think of using external libraries or ways to generate proper seeds when I made this site, which has left a few flaws with my design. One of which is that with more text on the screen the numbers average out about the same, causing the site to look nearly identical despite changing the input. Another flaw is that the order does not matter, if you type in 'Hello' it will look the same as 'Helol' for example. You can find past versions of this project here.
About me
My name is I'm Tristan and I'm from the Netherlands. My early hobby managing gaming servers and communities sparked my passion for creating games, sites, and other types of digital content. I then went on to earn a BSc in Creative Media and Game Technologies at Breda University. I have been working at Spectral as a front-end developer since 2019.
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