The Key Tax
A mannequin stamping paperwork in an office environment.
The main graphic for the game.
The Key Tax
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Started ProductionMarch 2017
Duration4 months
Team Size16
Tools UsedUnreal Engine, Pivotal, Perforce, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Adobe Premiere
RolesScrum Master, QA
Detailed Info
  • Clearly communicated meetings in advance.
  • Kept meetings to the point.
  • Checked up on individual team members to detect problems faster.
  • Organised and managed Slack for all team members to use.
  • Documented meetings, discussions, and daily stand-ups.
Quality Assurance
  • Set up a bug tracking system in Pivotal with all necessary formatting. This was explained to all team members individually, making sure everyone was aware of how this worked.
  • Set up a system to log and keep track of test plans. For instance, the programmer finished the work on the UI and requested I test it with keyboard, controller, and mouse.
  • Reported over 60 bugs and points of improvement into the Pivotal system.
  • Came up with the concept for the trailer, keeping the surreal humour alive.
  • Created a storyboard with key scenes that would fit well.
  • Recorded placeholder scenes in the game to start editing early on, as the final art was not implemented yet. This allowed me to receive feedback early on without too much hassle.
  • Edited the recorded scenes of the trailer in Adobe Premiere.
Please note that all screenshots/footage reflect the work of the entire team, not just me.
Game Trailer
I came up with the initial concept for the trailer, did the recording, and did the final editing in Adobe Premiere!
The Key Tax is a humorous First-Person puzzle game that satires on the non-sense of everyday bureaucracy. Set in a late 1960's office environment, the game offers a seamless narrative experience of which absurdity and surrealist humour are its strong points.

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