Magic Code
A page is seen with a faded universe on the background, asking the user to enter a 12 digit unique code. Oh, and since you are reading the alt text here is one '420M-LGDO-RITO'.
The mysterious landing page of Magic Code
Magic Code
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Started ProductionFebruary 2016
This project is vague on purpose. It is nothing more than a page where you can fill in a 12 digit code, or is it? What happens if you fill in one of the many codes that are correct? How deep does the rabbit hole go?

You may find these codes hidden all around my portfolio, which can then be filled in on the Magic Code project. Some are easier to find then others. One that I will give away is TEST-TEST-TEST, to give you an idea of what could happen if a code you fill in is accepted.
Video Demonstration
Origin Story
I originally created this vague project as a way to promote my portfolio in an interesting way. The intended idea was that I would hand out business cards with a code written on it, specifically catered to the person I handed it to. This code would include the link to where the code could be filled in.

At the time I was trying to think of clever and interesting ways to stand out, but I never got to execute this idea as it is far from perfect. It would be a ton of maintenance to keep track of all the codes and who I gave them to, as well as the fact that the person I handed it to would have to actually fill in the code for it to be effective to begin with.

Early on during the development I shared the project with my buddy Merlijn van der Kamp. Not longer after that we would come up with many new 12 digit codes which are still available to this date, of which some are more appropriate or obvious than others. It ended up getting so bad we would try to communicate using 12 digit codes only for a little while after that... It is time for lunch. No earlier versions of this project are available.
About me
My name is I'm Tristan and I'm from the Netherlands. My early hobby managing gaming servers and communities sparked my passion for creating games, sites, and other types of digital content. I then went on to earn a BSc in Creative Media and Game Technologies at Breda University. I have been working at Spectral as a front-end developer since 2019.
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